My main activities during the last 30 years are Service orientated tasks in the Health Care sector within SIEMENS

The main steps:


Service engineer in the University Hospital in Innsbruck mainly responsible for X-Ray 
and Angiography and Cardiology Equipment.





I was hired by the headquarter of SIEMENS Health Care for Clinical Education
in the worldwide acting Training Center Erlangen

(former SIEMENS Medizin )

  • Responsible for Block Training of  X-Ray Generators,
    Video Systems and Image Processing

  • Training of Angio Equipment like high pressure Injectors and C-Arm Control, and Image Quality Improvement.

  •  Training  of Cath Labs  with ECG and pacemaker triggered Card Examinations
      (Hemo and EP Labs with the Data Management and Reporting IT Infrastructure

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Siemens Multistar Interventions-DSA-Anlage am Klinikum Bad Hersfeld


I moved to the upcoming image processing and RIS/PACS Archiving Systems for the Cardiology


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Become responsible for 3D Processing  in conjunction with Computer Tomographie (CT)  images. 

  • Reconstruction of 3D and 4D image processing within a
    Server / Client environment.

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Developing of Web Based Training for a network orientated worldwide operation remote service infrastructure.



Moved to the strategy department in SIEMENS Health Care to develop service and training concepts for Clinical Education in

  • Multi Modality Application Infrastructure (called syngo.via) 


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Job song from my US friends in Cary NC  (TDC) :  We train everything